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However, if you are interested in purchasing a package, it needs to be done via phone or appointment.

Summer Special

3 Months Bronze

$100 (includes taxes)

3 Month Gold

$150 (includes taxes)

Sunless Spray Tan

Buy 2, Get 1 FREE

The Tan Line offers you the convenience of
24 hour tanning.

Located at

24 Third Avenue, Suite 2

Cold Spring, MN
Open and ready to provide you with a beautiful glow of sun. 

We have 2 Bronze (otherwise known as a lay down) rooms with a maximum tanning time of 14 minutes along with

1 Gold (otherwise known as a standup) room with a maximum tanning time of 10 minutes.
The salon is designed with your safety and satisfaction in mind.
Memberships and sessions are available for purchase at the neighboring salon, images on main.

​​Mystic Sunless Tanning

Available by appointment only

Enjoy your first session at half price

All spray sessions include color, bronzer and scent

Additional cost for Triple Bronzer and Accelerator

Sunless Spray session $20 plus tax

Call to schedule an appointment or with questions


1 Week Bronze                               $15.00

1 Week Gold                                   $25.00

2 Week Bronze                               $25.00
2 Week Gold                                   $35.00
1 Month Bronze                              $40.00
1 Month Gold                                  $60.00

            3 Month Bronze                              $35.00 monthly
            3 Month Gold                                  $55.00 monthly
          6 Month Bronze                              $26.00 monthly
          6 Month Gold                                  $39.00 monthly
          1 Year Bronze                                 $20.00 monthly
          1 Year Gold                                     $30.00 monthly
receive a 10% discount when paid in full...3 Month, 6 Month or Yearly membership

Excludes any specials


5 Sessions Bronze      $30.00
5 Sessions Gold          $40.00
10 Sessions Bronze     $50.00
10 Sessions Gold         $70.00
Keycard charge of $10 per patron
Replacement Keycard charge $15 per patron
Applicable sales taxes apply to all memberships, sessions and keycards

All tanning memberships and sessions are not to be shared.
All members need to be on file with The Tan Line.

A minimum of $50 will be charged as a reactivation fee, for anyone who is in violation of The Tan Line policies.
 Violation of any of The Tan Line policies and/or MN State Law will result in deactivation of your account

and prosecution of the law.

Surveillance camera have been installed for your additional safety

It is unlawful for anyone under the age of 18 to use any UV tanning equipment in the state of MN.
Please be prepared to show your identification



 Let us know if there is any favorite brand lotion that you would like,
we can special order it in for you!
Want to tan for FREE?
Refer a friend and earn a free week of Unlimited Bronze